Now that term has started, it is time to dust off the blog for the new academic year. To kick things off, below is a list of things that are helping the working process, I am working on and events coming up…

  1. 4Matrix – Results analysis software with the emphasis on tackling in-school variation. Really pleased with the product so far and hope they can include options for independent schools/Sixth Form analysis.
  2. Due – task reminder app on iPhone and iPad. Very handy when you need to note something down quickly. This app has quickly become one of my favourites.
  3. Xobni for Outlook – I run Windows 7 on a Mac Mini and this makes Outlook ‘bearable’ (copyright Doug Belshaw). Especially after using the Mac version of Outlook.
  4. Planbook for iPad/Mac – great teacher planner.
  5. Felsted MIS – really pleased with the development this year and if I say so myself, the grade book is a thing of beauty. If you visit the school, we will be happy to show you how it works.
  6. Visit from Belgrano Day School, Buenos Aires 15th September – I had a great time visiting this school in the summer and look forward to returning their great hospitality. Steak not included.
  7. Mobile Learning: Now and the Future event, 28th September – one day conference with Steve Molyneux and some guy called Doug Belshaw.)
  8. Meeting with the GSMA about a potential mobile learning project…
  9. Apple Regional Training Centre at Felsted 20th October – sign up coming soon. We will be looking at ePub books for iPad amongst other things. Get in touch if you want to come to the Tatler and Financial Times cited event.
  10. London History Network at the National Archives, Kew 21st October – premier event for History teachers in (and around) London. Ben Walsh, textbook author and researcher, will give the keynote and we will also be hosting a TeachMeet session.
  11.  Ron Berger’s An Ethic of Excellence. Read it. Now.

Also working with Square Code on a few things. Welcome back to the new term!

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